Alaska- Packing List

Alaska- Packing List

So you’re going to Alaska- first off, I am jealous. Second- I am sure you are stressing about what to pack. It’s Alaska after all, isn’t it snowing the entire time? Let’s dive into what you should pack for the trip of a lifetime!

My Alaska Experience

June 2017- Alaskan Cruise – blog and youtube video 

August 2018- Caribou hunt 45 miles north of the Arctic Circle

June 2019- Copper Center / Valdez

May 2021- Family Trip to Anchorage, Valdez, and Denali- blog

As you can see from the above list, I have done a lot in Alaska during various times throughout the summer. This list is only based off of my experience and I highly recommend looking at the weather the day before you leave for the most up to date information on where you are planning on being and what you are planning on doing. Each time we have been, we have done a large amount of hiking as well as fishing, exploring, dinners, etc. The days can be random and the weather can change in an instant so I do recommend a lot of layers and some planning ahead in case the weather turns south on you.

Packing List with Links


Puffy Jacket

Rain Jacket

Short Sleeve Tshirts


Long Sleeve Tshirts


Pull Over

Tank Tops

Jean Jacket






Hiking Shorts

Tactical Pants


Hiking Boots

Hiking Socks




Fanny Pack

Bug Spray


APEX Meat Sticks

Bowmar Nutrition Protein Bars

Hiking Poles

Water Bottle




If you are spending a week in Denali to hike some pretty serious trails, I do recommend a lot more hiking gear than what is listed above (first aid kit, emergency blanket, flares, iodine tablets, etc). Please refer to the itinerary blog listed above for our last trip’s details to see if this list would suit you!

For full disclosure, the links above do generate a very small commission back to me. If you find this blog helpful and these links helpful, I so appreciate you choosing to shop directly through the links above so I can continue to keep this an ad free blog. Thank you!

Patriotic Porch

Patriotic Porch

I was so excited to get my patriotic porch up this year that I didn’t want to wait until June or July- it was up by Memorial Day! I love having staple pieces that can be easily switched from season to season with just a few changes. One of the biggest tips I have for porch decor is to invest in pillow covers- that way you can switch them out for each season without having a ton of pillows to store (as those take up a ton of room)!

Enough of my blabbing, let’s get everything linked

Rocking Chairs

Black and White Buffalo Plaid Rug

White Table

White Wooden Creates

Patriotic Rug

Red Watering Can

Patriotic Balls (not going to lie, I thought these were going to be bigger but they are still so cute)

Red White and Blue Confetti Flowers

Red White and Blue Pillow Covers

Mini Flags


Amazon Clothing Finds

Amazon Clothing Finds

I am always on the hunt for great workout and athleisure gear and no better place to look than Amazon! Everything found on this blog has been tested and vetted by me and put to the absolute test so you can be assured these items are extremely high quality and durable!

I have an additional Amazon sports bra blog, linked here


Seamless Thongs– these are great for wearing under leggings, extremely soft, and do not roll!

Ribbed Set– this ribbed set is great for athleisure wear, I would not wear this for a high impact workout but very comfortable for travel and low impact workouts

Full Length Muscle Tank– extremely soft and full length, perfect capped shoulder

Cropped Muscle Tank– only $15 and perfect length

Bralette– low impact, spaghetti strap bra. 6 pack for only $21

Zip Up Crop Hoodie– thin, lightweight and great for warm ups in the gym

Long Sleeve Shirt– perfect crop length and lightweight

Padded Sports Bra– long enough to wear as a full crop or just as a sports bra

Seamless Leggings– extremely affordable and no seams

No Show Socks– I cannot stand to see my socks while lifting, these have been a lifesaver

Cotton Crop Top– comes in a pack of 4 and perfect set of color ways!


This blog will continued to be updated as I find new pieces to share with everyone! Enjoy shopping!

Favorites: Jean Shorts!

Favorites: Jean Shorts!

I have finally found the holy grail of jean shorts. Believe me when I say- I rarely wear denim shorts because they just NEVER seem to fit me right, and I know a lot of women out there are reading this and shaking their heads in agreement with me. Look no further though ladies, because I have found the ultimate source of perfect denim shorts! On our recent trip to Hawaii (several other outfit inspo blog posts and two posts- one per island- are also on the blog under “shopping” and “travel”), I put my new jean shorts to the test and they did not disappoint!

For reference, I am 5’3 and about 130lbs. I am on the shorter side and I love high waist jeans to pair with a crop top BUT I hate when they give you “johnny long bottom” as I describe it. I can safely say that none of the below shorts give that awful appearance! I wear a 25 or small for reference in these styles!

My Favorites

Cruz High Rise Shorts– the perfect amount of fray and only two buttons. I HATE when jeans or shorts have 5+ buttons, it takes going forever to go to the bathroom and it gives the most awful pooch in the world

Elva High Rise Shorts– I wore these at Disney World and absolutely love the fold over seam at the bottom!

Backroad Songs High Waist– I love that these shorts offer three washes- the lighter denim is my personal favorite and for less than $45- they are a steal for high quality denim shorts!

I will be adding to this list as I find more options during the spring and summer months! I also know these items go FAST so make sure to order quickly if you are wanting them! Happy shopping everyone!

Small Business Saturday: Spring Cleaning

Small Business Saturday: Spring Cleaning

Friends!! Hello! Happy small business saturday with Sarah Bowmar! This week we are focusing on spring cleaning! This bright, warmer weather has given me new life. Anyone else getting the itch to be outside and also clean and rearrange their entire house? Because SAME! These cute finds from small businesses would be super fun and helpful this year whenever your spring cleaning begins! Happy shopping and remember to shop small!

Spring Cleaning checklist–This little checklist would be super helpful especially if your house feels so chaotic that you don’t know where to begin. It is a virtual download so you can buy it, print it and get started!

Natural cleaning set–This natural cleaning set comes with all sorts of brushes and supplies to really get you started when it comes to a deep clean of the house!

All purpose cleaner–This is a nice alternative to other store bought cleaners because they have awesome scents, but you are also supporting a small business! It is a win, win!

Rustic woven baskets–But first, ORGANIZE! Organizing your home and making it so that everything has a place it belongs is so helpful and makes it really easy to find what you need!

Toilet bombs toilet cleaner–These are so fun and I would be so intrigued to try them! You literally just pop the toilet bomb in to the toilet, it fizzes and cleans and then you flush! And they have fun scents, not the normal “clean toilet” scented product.

Spring cleaning mug–This mug just made me laugh and it would be literally perfect for those of you who are anti- spring cleaners and/or you hate cleaning but you do it anyways! Coffee break time with this hilarious mug that says “Spring cleaning hack, don’t do it”! So funny!

Clear glass canisters with lids–These beautiful containers would be perfect for organizing items in a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc! They are very versatile and come in all different shapes and sizes!

Washable swiffer pads–I thought these were super great and would help reduce the waste we produce! These reuseable swiffer pads come in all sorts of patterns and they are super cute!



Target Tuesday St. Patrick’s Day!

Target Tuesday St. Patrick’s Day!

Hello friends!! You know what day it is…Target Tuesday with Sarah Bowmar: St. Patrick’s Day edition!! I am so excited to share all of these fun Target finds with you. I wanted to share this now so that you have plenty of time to run to the store or get them shipped to you! As always, happy shopping and let me know if you have any questions about any of the items!!

Shamrock Toddler Tulle long sleeve dress–This dress is so adorable! I am so excited for when Oakley will be able to wear little things like this…but also I am totally soaking in this phase she is in! I can’t believe how big she’s become! This is perfect for the toddler girl in your life.

Baby Girl short sleeved “lucky” shirt and headband–This. Oakley will totally be wearing something fun like this for St. Patrick’s Day! Any excuse to get her dressed up all cute!

Green Shirt with Kisses and shamrocks–This is such a fun shirt and it is literally only $8!!! That is such a great deal! I like this shirt because you could throw a jean jacket or something over it and it would be so easy to wear all day in a more casual way.

Women’s striped pajamas–These PJ’s are super fun and they make these green and white striped PJ’s in sizes and styles for everyone in your family! These could probably be repurposed into christmas PJ’s also if you paired them with a different shirt!

Luck of the Irish throw pillow–This would be a super simple throw pillow to add to your decor for St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day Children’s Book–This St. Patrick’s Day Children’s book looked adorable and the pictures were super cute!

Star wars Baby Yoda Shamrock shirt–Y’all know that the Bowmar’s love Star Wars! I think this shirt is literally perfect for St. Patricks Day! Star Wars and a way to celebrate the holiday? Sign me up.