Welcome to Brack & Pine Jewelry, created by Sarah Bowmar. Minimal, elegant, and everyday wear- this is the story!


I was never one to accessorize, simply because I prefer smaller, more elegant pieces for every day wear. I could never find exactly what I was looking for and was very inspired by Kristin Cavallari and her success with Uncommon James (I was team LC in high school but Kristin and her business endeavors have very much shifted by 16 year old opinion).

Brack and Pine (the name) was inspired by the library at Ball State- Bracken. I always loved the name but with Josh having went to a different university, I didn’t really think he would find any desire to name our potential boy Bracken. I decided to break the name apart (Brack and). Pine comes from my love of the outdoors and the vision I had for the branding and the logo.


A custom jewelry line is quite simple to start! I started looking on Etsy for pieces that were similar to what I had in mine (dainty, small, minimalist) bracelets and necklaces. I ordered a ton of pieces from a bunch of different shops to quietly test the quality. I finally found a shop owner that produced extremely high quality pieces so I sent her a message to ask if she offered wholesale and if she would be willing to do some custom pieces for me- she agreed! We worked on a few different designs before launching Raven- which was my first piece! Since then, I have worked on designing nearly a dozen different offerings from necklaces, to bracelets, and most recently- earrings! I also have three different metals- silver, gold, and rose gold. It has been such a fun process and I really hit a home run with the shop owner that I now work with. She is based in the USA and we have so much fun coming up with new pieces!

Brack and Pine has been such a fun project for me and so many people message me daily about how much they love their pieces!

If you would like to shop, head over to brackandpine.com!