If you don’t follow me (@sarah_bowmar) on instagram, you may not know that we have four cats: 3 white cats and 1 tuxedo cat (Tom, Jerry, Berry, and Wheezer). Tom came to me from a humane society in Toledo, Jerry came from the side of the road in Cincinnati, Berry came from a shelter in Columbus, and Wheezer was dumped at our house in Iowa. To say we have a house of misfits is an understatement but they are the most grateful cats in the world!

I am asked daily for my cat product recommendations so I wanted to share here on the blog!

Cat Litter

As stated, we have four cats. It’s recommend to have 1 litter box per cat + 1. Having 5 litter boxes in our house would never work so we have 3 x-large litter boxes– one in our basement, one on the main floor, and one on the top floor.

I have been volunteering at animal shelters for almost a decade and the number one thing I learned was that clay litter is very harmful for cats yet it is the most popular kind of cat litter purchased by cat owners. A few years ago I was introduced to wheat litter and we have been using it ever since.

Cat Food

We always leave dry food out for the cats, it is their “free feed”. We have used science diet ever since I rescued Tom almost nine years ago. They have a lot of various options from weight management to hair ball control. We use the sensitive stomach variation and all four cats love it.

Each night, I put out wet food for the cats as well! We use the perfect portions CUTS for their wet food. Our cats are very picky when it comes to wet food, they won’t even eat the pate version of the same flavor from the same brand. If your cat is refusing to eat, try heating up the food. If that doesn’t work, try switching brands or even a different cut. It comes in a large pack- 48 servings which is extremely handy!

Cat Products

I am all for convenience and there are so many amazing pet products out there to make life easier. Including automatic food bowls and large filtered water dispensers!

I also have a “tackling pet hair blog” that all cat owners need to read!


From one pet owner to another- I hope this blog helped you for your feline friends!