Words cannot describe how happy I am to be able to write this blog. We have prayed so hard to give Oakley a sibling and it’s happening! If you were following my hormone journey, you know I was getting a lot of blood work done and having tests ran to ensure my body was performing properly to get pregnant again. I never once claimed I had fertility issues, I never once claimed I was infertile, I simply wanted to share my advocacy for myself when it came to my reproductive health and journey.

That being said- I am so grateful to announce we are expecting our second baby in early March of 2022! My due date has changed twice now so I am not really counting on that until we get closer to the beginning of next year. I wanted to document this pregnancy, just like I did my first. I keep hearing that no two pregnancies are the same so I am very excited to see how this one differs from the first.

Weeks 4-8:

I had my first positive pregnancy test while we were in Las Vegas during our athlete retreat and it was so hard to not tell anyone in person but I knew I wanted to keep it private until our first appointment at 8 weeks! After that, I began telling close friends and told my family while on a family trip to Marco Island shortly after my 8 week appointment. The 4 weeks following my positive test, I would get extremely tired at around 5pm. I do think I was more tired this time around simply because I was getting up earlier than I did when pregnant with Oakley. Oakley at the time was getting up around 6:30 and I like to get my day started with a mile walk so I would usually get up at 6am before she did so I could get my day started.

I didn’t have any morning sickness with Oakley which was such a blessing. Weeks 4-8 with this pregnancy I definitely didn’t feel great if I didn’t eat for 3 hours but luckily, and knock on wood, haven’t gotten sick yet! Workouts are the exact same, still lifting 4-5 times a week and walking at least 10,000 steps per day. It just makes me feel good and I like doing things that make me feel good.

Week 8 weight: 134lbs. Baby’s heartbeat: 167. My blood pressure: 112/62

Weeks 9-11:

Very similar to weeks 4-8, regular exhaustion around 4-5pm (which is more than likely a direct result of having a one year old while also growing a human). I had the panorama blood work done that tests for probability of genetic disorders and also had the gender checked as well! I cannot wait to get the results back!

Week 11 weight: 133lbs. Baby’s heartbeat: 169. My blood pressure: 102/70

I would also like to note, I went back for an 11 week appointment and not a 12 due to travel schedules. I wouldn’t have been able to get back to my doctor until week 15 if they didn’t agree to see me at week 11- beyond grateful for the team of doctors I have!

Weeks 11-16:

Weeks 11 through 14 were probably unlike many pregnancies! We spent 28 days in Tanzania on a safari and I felt absolutely amazing the entire time. Oakley was with us as well and we were able to make some amazing memories as a family of 3 and take our announcement photos as well as our gender announcement photos as well. My genetic testing results also came back while we were gone and everything came back “low possibility” which is amazing news. Along with that, we did get the gender screening done so we were able to film our gender announcement in Tanzania as well!

My OB completely approved the trip as did Oakley’s physician. Tanzania and the US are on the same level for Zika cases, we went in their winter so mosquitoes were few and far between, we were able to safely get all vaccines necessary for travel, and water/food was extremely monitored and filtered. I don’t feel the need to defend my decisions based on the council of my doctor but I know people will have their own opinions on the matter.

At my week 16 appointment, I also completed the neural tube defect blood work screening. Next up- my week 20 ultrasound!

Week 16: weight: 134.5lbs . Baby’s heartbeat 154: . My blood pressure: 112/60


My entire pregnancy with Oakley and with this baby- my daily goal is to hit 10,000 steps. This usually breaks down to 2.5 – 3 miles on the treadmill and the rest come from just daily life. This movement makes me feel good, is low impact, and I can get a lot of work done on my treadmill desk before Oakley wakes up in the morning, during her nap, and when she goes to bed at night.

Trimester 1- I was lucky if I was able to lift 5 days a week at 30 minutes per lift. My body was very tired but I know how good I feel after a workout so I tried my best to get in a lift at least 5 days a week, even if just for 30 minutes. We then went to Africa weeks 11-14.5 of my pregnancy!

Trimester 2- I feel so much better during this trimester and I have been able to do my normal 40-45 minute lifts 4-5 days a week! I do have a free fit pregnancy and postpartum guide available here if interested. I am a AFPA prenatal and postpartum certified personal trainer as well!


As always, please consult with your doctor prior to supplement use while pregnant or nursing. Just because I am using a product doesn’t mean it’ll be approved for your pregnancy. Our company prides itself on open labels and all details can be found on the back of any product and also on each product page on bowmarnutrition.com

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