Josh and Sarah Bowmar here! We wanted to compile all of our media opportunities for everyone to reference back to! Enjoy!!!

Our podcast: The Bowmar Show (available on all major podcast platforms)

Sarah Bowmar: What to Eat After a Workout. Published February 10, 2021. Link:

Sarah Bowmar: Breaking the Mold. Published February 4, 2021. Link:

Sarah Bowmar: Navigating Post Pregnancy. Aired: February 2, 2021. Link:

Sarah Bowmar: Business Owner Tips, BN History: Aired: January 28, 2021. Link:

Sarah Bowmar: Exercise and Nutrition Tips While Pregnant: Aired: January 27, 2021. Link:

Mentioned: Heal Thy Self. Aired: October 15, 2020. Link:

Sarah and Josh Bowmar: Bowmar Nutrition. Aired: November 26, 2019. Link:

Josh Bowmar: Nutrition. Aired: June 4, 2019. Link:

Josh Bowmar: Hunting. Aired: June 4, 2019. Link: