Josh and Sarah Bowmar News

Josh and Sarah Bowmar News

Josh and Sarah Bowmar here! We wanted to compile all of our media opportunities for everyone to reference back to! Enjoy!!!

Our podcast: The Bowmar Show (available on all major podcast platforms)

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Nutbutter on Disrupt
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Mom’s story on Thrive Global

Tips For Healthy Kids from Sarah Bowmar. Published March 22, 2021. Link:

Making the Most of Covid-19 Fitness. Published March 22, 2021. Link:

5 Kitchen Hacks From a Health Pro. Published March 22, 2021. Link:

Tips for Healthy Kids from Sarah Bowmar. Published March 15, 2021. Link:

Sarah Bowmar: What to Eat After a Workout. Published February 10, 2021. Link:

Sarah Bowmar: Breaking the Mold. Published February 4, 2021. Link:

Sarah Bowmar: Navigating Post Pregnancy. Aired: February 2, 2021. Link:

Sarah Bowmar: Business Owner Tips, BN History: Aired: January 28, 2021. Link:

Sarah Bowmar: Exercise and Nutrition Tips While Pregnant: Aired: January 27, 2021. Link:

Mentioned: Heal Thy Self. Aired: October 15, 2020. Link:

Sarah and Josh Bowmar: Bowmar Nutrition. Aired: November 26, 2019. Link:

Josh Bowmar: Nutrition. Aired: June 4, 2019. Link:

Josh Bowmar: Hunting. Aired: June 4, 2019. Link: