With four cats and an 80lb dog in the Bowmar household, we are bound for some pet hair. If you’re new here, the cats are Tom, Jerry, Berry, and Wheezer! I’ve linked their Instagram here

Arrow is a Belgian malinois / German shepherd mix and her Instagram is here!

With the joys of owning so many amazing pets- it sure does come with a lot of pet hair and dander. My four cats are all rescues and I have been volunteering at animal shelters the majority of my adult life. I’ve picked up on a ton of tips and tricks to keep a clean home. I do want to note that if you’re a pet owner, you’re giving an animal the best life they could have- so don’t feel bad about pet hair. I know my home will always have pet hair in it but I do my absolute best to prevent it as much as possible, especially given half my closet is black clothes!

Let’s start with the dog. She is outside A LOT so I do think that helps tremendously when it comes to the amount of her hair in the house. Simply running around outside knocks a lot of loose hair off of her. She gets professionally groomed 3-4 times a year. I specifically request the furminator shampoo treatment on her when she is groomed. I also recommend this dog shampoo for home baths to help with loose fur!

The cats are groomed once a year, I try to do it in the spring to get as much of their winter coat off. They also get the furminator shampoo treatment. It’s vital you find a pet groomer who is well versed in bathing cats!

About twice a month, I’ll use this brush on arrow (outside). I’ll try to use it on the cats any chance I get when they are relaxed and / or napping.

We have a central vac system in our home that I use on our floors. On our furniture, I have found this vacuum to work the best. I also have used this vacuum in the past for floors and it works really well! We also have a roomba that I will run a few times a week for maintenance on the pet hair. I do make it a point to vacuum the main floor daily. With a new baby, I want to make sure the floors are as clean as possible! But rest assured, there are many studies that say babies exposed to pet hair at a young age are less likely to develop allergies to that animal.

I also run an air purifier in our living room and entrance room in our home. I have noticed a huge difference in the free floating hair in the air since using these starting about four months ago!

When it comes to pet hair on your clothes, this amazon find helps so much in removing the hair from clothes in the washer and dryer. I also have found these lint rollers to be the best at removing pet hair! As a side note, this ozone generator is plugged in where my cat’s litter box is and helps tremendously with the smell!

I hope this helped! My home is far from perfect but I know it would be a lot worse without these little tricks!