As Bowmar Nutrition’s breadth and depth of our product offering grows, as does the confusion around supplement timing. I hope this blog answers any and all questions you have regarding when you should take which supplement and when!

Supplements fill the gaps in your diet. If your diet is perfect, you can stop reading right here! If you are starting your supplement journey and are confused which product is right for you, I recommend listening to our podcast episode: “What Supplements Do I Need” on the bowmar show (available on all major podcast platforms).

I also would like to mention that supplements should enhance your diet, they should not make up the majority of your diet. Whole food will always be best!


This is a general guideline! Majority of supplements can be taken any time of day for full effect!


Protein Powder (whey, vegan, or egg): any time of day to replace or add to a meal. FULL BLOG

Protein Butters and Icing– to be enjoyed the same way you enjoy peanut or almond butter: on a spoon, dipped with fruit, etc

Protein Mug Cakes– any time you have a sweet tooth craving

Protein Bars– quick meal replacement


Collagen Peptides– any time of day. FULL BLOG

Replenish– any time of day, great water enhancer and easy way to drink more. Great during cardio!

SHARP– prior to heavy workload where extra focus is needed. FULL BLOG

Immunity Support– any time of day, studies have shown to enhance collagen absorption when taken together. FULL BLOG

Greens– any time of day, preferably early as they can give a ton of natural energy. FULL BLOG

PREworkout– 15 – 30 min prior to weight lifting. FULL BLOG

Citrapeak Capsules– 15 – 30 min prior to weight lifting

Creatine– 15 – 30 min prior to weight lifting. FULL BLOG

Fiber– before first meal. FULL BLOG

Essentials– best INTRA workout (during), but can be taken any time of day. Especially important on rest days. FULL BLOG

MELT– can be taken any time of day (given you are in a calorie deficit). I take mine during my cardio in the morning

Probiotics– best taken with first meal. FULL BLOG

Joint16– should be taken with food, any time of day

Fish Oil– should be taken with food, any time of day. FULL BLOG

Colon Cleanse– dosage should be split between morning and night. FULL BLOG



APEX Jerky

Mixing Together

You can virtually mix any of our products together! However, I do not recommend adding anything to fiber as you need to drink it quickly, so the less powder in the drink, the better.

Many of our customer use one product to flavor the other- for example: combing our EAAs with our greens and collagen in one drink! You cannot pair one product with another and negate the effects of either product. It is recommend to do your best to space out supplements throughout the course of the day for maximum absorption.

If you are combining products, you will need to use additional liquid. As an example, if you were to drink collagen by itself, EAAs by itself, greens by itself, and immunity by itself, you are almost 1/3 of your way to a gallon of water just by those products alone. You do not have to use ALL of that water if you are combining multiple products together so you will need to do some experimenting with the water amount to ensure nothing is settling (some settling is to be expected if a drink sits too long, simply stir it to combine again).

Caffeine Intake

According to the FDA’s very general guidelines, a healthy adult should limit caffeine to 400mg per day. For me, I personally keep mine under 150mg to keep my anxiety in check. Josh could do 600mg a day and be fine. YOU need to know your personal threshold and keep track of caffeine. If you are getting too much, you may experience the following:

  1. Heart racing or beating unevenly
  2. Feeling shaking or becoming dizzy
  3. Feeling irritable, restless, anxious, or nervous
  4. Heart burn or stomach problems
  5. Having trouble sleeping (caffeine consumed at 8am can still be with you at 8pm)

If you feel like you are experiencing any of the above concerns, reduce caffeine intake and see a doctor if necessary


I recommend at least a gallon of water per day! Luckily, water used to combine supplements is counted towards your overall water intake for the day! I have an in depth blog on water, here


If you are fasting, you can find what we recommend to utilize during your fast and what to avoid, here