Josh Bowmar and I are very blessed to travel as much as we do, so I wanted to give everyone our tips on how to travel fit and healthy! This can also be heard on our podcast, The Bowmar Show.

Can I pack my supplements in my carry on? Yes! You can bring all Bowmar Nutrition supplements on planes for domestic flights except for the nut butters. You may get stopped to test the container but you will most likely be good to go. If you don’t want to bring full tubs in your suitcase, our 20 oz shaker cup comes with mini containers that you can put some of the powders in. Supplements are not required to be in their original container. Additionally, we offer many sample packets so you can conveniently pack those. For international flights, we have never had any issues bringing our supplements on the airplane. But, just to be extra careful, you can always put them in a checked bag if you are worried about them.

In the airport, Josh and I will typically intermittent fast especially if it’s an early morning flight. This saves time, money, and calories. We will also bring any empty shaker cup through TSA and fill it up at the water fountain, which also saves money. I also highly recommend packing protein bars. Josh recommends barbecue pork rinds or any APEX Protein items as a snack. Also, many airport restaurants are accomodating to dietary needs like asking for a lettuce bun instead of a bread bun.

For road trips, we look for pork rinds, nuts, big pickles, low carb protein shakes, hard-boiled eggs, or beef jerky for snacks from gas stations. For lunch stops, we have some tips for staying on target at fast food places. At McDonald’s or Wendy’s Josh orders a double quarter pounder with no cheese and extra pickle and onion and eats that without the bun. At Subway, Sarah likes to get a chopped salad which is everything on the sandwich without the bun and lots of lettuce. For Arby’s, they have gyros that they will give to you without the pita bread and ask for a large bowl with double lettuce and meat and extra Taziki sauce (so they don’t forget the sauce). They will also give you any sandwich for low carbs. Carls Jr, Hardees, and Five Guys are also very accommodating. We also love going to Taco Bell. If you get one of their cantina bowls they are very accomodating. For Chick-Fil-A, we will do either grilled nuggets or a grilled chicken sandwich.

For eating out at restaurants, pick ones that you can easily eat low carb. Outback is one of our favorites or any steakhouse is easy to eat well at. For Olive Garden, we ask the hostess or waitress to bring out salad but not the breadsticks. They also offer to replace any noodles with zoodles (a zucchini noodle). Most chain restaurants will be very accomodating.

For hotels, if you can book your own hotel, check out the hotel gym and that will make working out very convenient. Or, you can pay for a day pass at any gym for relatively cheap.

Our goal when we travel isn’t to make progress, it is to not lose our progress. Have safe and fun travels, everyone!