We are compromised of nearly 70% water. But you already knew that. Did you also know that by not drinking enough water, your body will retain more water as it puts itself into survival mode- not knowing if you will supply it with enough water for the day? A great goal for daily water intake is a gallon, minimum. Does that seem like a lot? It isn’t, let me show you!

One of my most frequently asked questions is “does the water I use to mix protein, pre workout, greens, collagen, immunity, fiber, EAAs, sharp, etc count towards my daily water intake”? The answer is YES!


I highly recommend investing in a BPA free gallon and filling it up at the beginning of the day. Only use water from that gallon to mix your supplements (listed above). Pour whatever water you need out of your gallon into your shaker cup for your pre workout, for example, and watch out quickly the gallon goes throughout the day!

That brings me to my second tip: water enhancers, No, your entire water intake each day should not consist of water + something else BUT you can use water enhancers such as EAAs, immunity, greens, etc to help break up the monotony of boring water. Bowmar Nutrition supplements can be found here.

My third tip for making drinking a gallon of water easier: straws! You would not believe how much easier it is to drink water if you are using straws! On top of that, they will help keep your teeth white! I recommend any reusable straws you can find, these are my favorite. They also make gallons with straws, I found an adorable one on amazon prime!

Your body will also start getting used to drinking more water and you won’t always have to pee every 2 seconds- I promise!