I don’t think it’s much of a secret that women are all about making their lives easier by having to do less in the morning- eyebrows being micro bladed, permanent tattoos such as eyeliner and lipliner, and of course- eyelash extensions!

My Lash Extension Experience

I started getting lash extensions late 2018 and absolutely loved the look of them! I loved not having to apply mascara and feeling “put together” even without any makeup on! That being said, I absolutely hated the cost and the time commitment every 2-3 weeks. I was spending at least $100 every fill and $150 for a new set every few months. Plus, the 2 hour appointment every single time. Not to mention, you couldn’t fix them yourself and had to wait until your next appointment to get anything fixed.

During 2020 and the pandemic, my lash tech was closed for months so I decided to remove my lash extensions. I also was having a hard time laying on my back the further I got into my pregnancy and was having a hard time laying still for that long, I had to switch from side to side which was killing my hips and back. I knew that if the time commitment was too much before having a baby, there would be no way I would want to drive an hour round trip and spend the hours in the lash chair with the baby at home. So, I decided to start looking at alternatives!

What I Have Used

I won’t lie to you, my lashes have never been long or curly or full, by any means. Which is where the appeal of lash extensions came into play. After my extensions came off, my natural lashes were almost non-existent. I don’t care what anyone tells you- lash extensions destroy your natural lashes.

Serum– I wanted to first get my lashes back to a healthy length before I tried finding anything else to try to give me the appearance of extensions. I loved this serum and used it for almost 6 months!

Magnetic Lashes– once my natural lashes were starting to look fuller and longer, I decided to try magnetic lashes. I absolutely loved how easy these were compared to strip lashes. The only problem I had with them was how hard it was to get the magnetic liner off- you had to use a specific makeup remover.

Strips– If you like strip lashes, this are the best ones I have found. I love the look of strip lashes but I am not skilled enough to apply them properly every single morning.

What I Am Using Now

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I have been using (and loving), the lashify system for a few months! This is the best system for the look of lash extensions WITHOUT the cost of the time commitment. I have video tutorials on my “lashify” highlight on my Instagram (@sarah_bowmar) if you want a visual of how quick they are to apply. They also have amazing resources on their website and their YouTube.

I am a fully paying customer but did reach out for a referral code and for full transparency, I do make a very small commission if you choose to use my referral link! If you do, I am eternally grateful. It allows me to continue to do what I do (blogs, film content, answer questions from their customers, etc)! It means more than you know!


I started by ordering the control kit which includes your first 2 sets of lashes, the metal applicator, the gloss, and the two sided adhesive. I think this is a great way to learn the system and you get a lot of cost savings by ordering the kit compared to ordering everything individually. One thing I didn’t realize, you are going to want to order the melt away and the pre cleanser- these have to be ordered separately.

Using the melt away to properly remove the lashes is the best way to ensure they do not damage your natural lashes. My sets last me 5-7 days and I sleep in them- I am also a face sleeper. The application does take a few tries to get down but again, I have it filmed on my Instagram if you want to watch it!

You can absolutely reuse the lashes after one application but I do recommend removing the adhesive by applying the melt away to the base of the lashes- the same place the adhesive is applied- to remove all of the dried glue and then also using the cleanser on the base before applying more adhesive if you plan to reuse the lashes.

My favorite size of lashes has been the D14 and D16. I have tried several E and EE sizes and did not like the short length on them. The D’s are longer but less volume which is perfect for my eyeshade. The lashes are $25 and you get 12 lashes per cartridge. I only use 4 lashes on each eye so the cartridge gives me at least 2 uses (between new lashes and ones I can salvage from the previous wear). Which equates to $12.50 per week for my lashes, which is much better than the $100+ I was sending every 2 weeks.

The adhesive, gloss, cleaner, and melt away last at least 6 months as well which makes the entire process that much more affordable. The company also has a great rewards program if you have an account, I already have earned enough money for 2 free cartridges of lashes!

I hope this helps everyone out there! I am so happy to have found this system and I hope it helps you as well!