Kids in the Outdoors is a non profit organization owned and operated by Josh Bowmar, Sarah Bowmar (me), and Steven McBee. We were fortunate enough to grow up in the outdoors and it helped keep us all on the straight and narrow. Many unfortunately do not have that opportunity. Kids in the Outdoors was formed to bring inner city children into the outdoors and get them to experience fishing, eating wild game, and playing archery tag! Our first event took place in August 2020 when we partnered with a Kansas City pastor and his church. We set forth to organize the event and bussed almost 30 kids from ages 5-13 up to Northern Missouri for a fun day in the great outdoors!

Our first event was fishing! Many of the kids were excited just to pass cattle on the way to fishing, let alone catch a fish for the first time. We are happy to report that every single child was able to catch and reel in their own fish! A lot of the girls even took them off the hooks themselves for a photo before letting them go.

We then went back to the lodge for an afternoon of archery tag, basketball, and a full feast of wild game! The kids absolutely loved playing archery tag. We even had a tournament set up by the end of the day. After archery tag, we feasted on pulled rabbit, venison bratwurst, and other wild game. So many of the kids said it was some of the best food they had ever had and it was their first time trying a lot of the food. It was an amazing first day and one in which we will have more of. It’s also our mission to not just see these kids once and then never again. We are working on implementing a reward trip for those who keep their grades up, stay out of trouble, etc!

As our non profit grows, we will be further introducing more ways to give back and donate as well! Kids in the Outdoors will be ever evolving and we cannot wait to take you along our journey in leaving this world a little better than we found it.

Full day event video: