We always love encouraging anyone to use Bowmar Nutrition in their coffee but these are great 100 calorie Starbucks drinks you can order! Plus, I love when Starbucks comes out with their holiday drinks and cups. It helps get me into the Christmas spirit and they taste so yummy. But sometimes it is frustrating when some drinks have so many calories in them. That is why I decided to look into low-calorie substitutes while still enjoy the flavors and the fun cups. I found some inspiration online and used some of my own creativity to make the drinks that you see in the photo. Each one still had the signature winter flavoring but was less than 100 calories! I also love that you can order on their app so you don’t have to ask for a million different things at the drive thru.

Listed below are how to order the three drinks shown in the photo. My personal favorite was the hot chocolate cold brew!

Iced Peppermint Mocha

  1. Ask for a grande cold brew
  2. 1 pump Mocha
  3. 1 pump Peppermint Syrup
  4. Splash of half and half

Hot Chocolate Cold Brew

  1. Ask for a grande cold brew
  2. 1 pump Mocha
  3. 3 pumps sugar free vanilla
  4. Light cream

Snickerdoodle Cold Brew

  1. Ask for a grande cold brew
  2. 2 pumps White Mocha
  3. 2 pumps sugar free cinnamon dolce
  4. 2 Stevias


For any of these drinks, you can make substitutes or get creative and create your own version! I just wanted to give examples of popular flavors that could be made for under 100 calories so that you can enjoy a sweet treat while still hitting your goals for the day. Any of these drinks can be enjoyed hot, iced, or cold. I personally prefer cold brew so that is why I made all of them with that base. Additionally, Bowmar Nutrition protein can be added to any of these drinks but that will make them over 100 calories (check out the blog linked above for more details). I hope you enjoy these drinks and have fun creating your own as well. Happy holidays from the Bowmar family!