A few days into 2021 and I am 2 weeks into my 35 day transformation. We are heading to Florida in a few weeks and I wanted to make it a little challenge for myself to see what I could do between Christmas and our trip. Thirty five days for me is the perfect length of time to cut (eat in a calorie deficit). It’s so much easier to maintain being lean once you become your ideal level of lean because you see (and feel) changes so much more than you do if you aren’t to your goal. What do I mean? I mean you will notice bloating easier, you will notice if you feel sluggish, etc. It’s hard to notice if you are sluggish if you are sluggish all the time.

Whenever I do a cut, I also get asked to show meal ideas. I post a lot to my instagram story but those are only up for 24 hours and so many people miss out on them- which prompted me to write this blog and make it a mini series within the blog! I tend to pick meals I really like and eat them for 7 days straights. This saves me time when meal prepping, makes grocery shopping a breeze, and I only have to track my food once a week instead of every single day.

I would also like to point out that I am not listing the total calories for my cutting plan because they pertain to me and me only! I don’t want someone copying what I am doing as no two people are the exact same and your caloric needs will be different than mine. Additionally, I intermittent fast from 8pm – 12pm which is a 16 hour fast. I am not hungry in the morning so this works for me. We have an entire podcast on fasting and you can listen to it here.

One last thing, I call every time I eat a meal. It may look more like a snack!

Meals / Supplements

Pre Workout and Citrapeak Capsules 

Intra Workout 

Before first meal: fiber

Before first meal: 8oz water with 1 scoop immunity and 1 scoop greens

Meal 1: venison chili and cornbread, recipe here

Joint16, Fish Oil, Probiotic

Meal 2: salmon salad, recipe here

Meal 3: monster protein balls, recipe here


Meal 4:lupini beans and tuna

Meal 5: 20oz of water with 1 scoop protein hot chocolate, 1/4 scoop protein mint chocolate chip, 1 scoop collagen

Colon Cleanse