Let me introduce myself, if you are new here. My name is Sarah Bowmar and my husband, Josh, and I are sole owners of our supplement company- Bowmar Nutrition. It is our mission to set the bar when it comes to transparency, consumer education, and product breakdown in the supplement industry. I feel there is a huge misunderstanding of PREworkout and it’s benefits! We offer two types of PRE: stimulant (contains caffeine and niacin- some experts consider niacin a stimulant) and a stimulant free version!

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Breakdown of PRE

Caffeine is 1 of 18 ingredients in our stimulant based PRE, yet majority of the consumers who use PREworkout assume they are only taking it because of the energy it gives them. In reality, it’s only 5% of the formula and there are 125mg of caffeine in one 21.5g scoop (which converts to 21,500mg). As you can see, the other remaining 17 ingredients and 95% of the formula are what make PRE amazing!

When it comes to the stimulant free PRE, there are several less ingredients as we do not need to add in vitamins. For example, caffeine can deplete vitamins such as B6 so our stimulant (caffeine) based version has vitamin B6 in it along with several other vitamins that can be depleted when caffeine is introduced into the system. Our stim free PRE has 10 incredible ingredients that I am going to break down for you to hopefully educate you on the benefits that a high quality PRE has to offer!

There are also several other benefits to consuming a caffeine free PRE such as for those who are caffeine / stimulant sensitive, those who workout at night, or those who want to consume their caffeine elsewhere during the day and not in their PRE. Whatever the case may be- I truly hope this blog provides a crystal clear understanding of why Bowmar Nutrition PRE is the best on the market. We also have samples of all of our PRE flavors in our stimulant and non stimulated based if you want to try them before committing to a tub! Find the samples here!


Potassium- an important mineral in the body, arguably one of the most important. In PRE, it regulates blood pressure levels, maintains nerve function, and controls fluid balance. It also helps support muscle health and muscle contractions.

L-Citrulline- a non essential amino acid that may increase blood flow (the pump) by increasing nitric oxide production. It can also produce positive muscle effects by decrease amino acid breakdown and stimulant protein synthesis. An increase in blood flow to the muscle can also result in strength increases during the lift as more blood in the muscle also means there are more nutrients in the muscle as well. This can also help with recovery and prevent injury when lifting with proper form.

Taurine- a conditionally essential amino acid that increases endurance performance, work load, and can reduce overall muscle soreness. There are also recent studies that prove it prevents muscle damage and protein catabolism while decreasing oxidative stress produced by exercise. Study can be found here

Betaine Anhydrous- a naturally occurring chemical in the body that improves hydration, stimulates water-based pumps (ie: shuttles water to your muscles), improves strength and powder, and, like l-citrulline, supports protein synthesis. As a side note, protein synthesis is a process in which ours cells make protein.

L-Tyrosine- this ingredient may be familiar to many of you that use our MELT fat burner- that in depth blog can be found here. It is an amino acid that has many incredible benefits. In the context of PRE workout, especially in a non-stimulant PRE, it helps with focus and reduces fatigue.

Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL- made from L-carnitine, this ingredient helps the body naturally produce more energy!

Green Tea Leaf Extract- caffeine is removed during the extraction process of our green tea leaf ingredient. During the process, tea leaves are soaked in water to release caffeine and other tea compounds. There is a relatively new study that looks directly at decaffeinated green tea leaf extract and the overwhelming results of its benefits of increased energy output during exercise. Full study can be found here

KSM-66 Ashwaganda Root Extract- this is another ingredient found in MELT and detailed in the blog listed above. In short- this ingredient helps decrease stress (cortisol) and increase testosterone in those who are active and weight train. Two additional studies can be found here and here

Citrapeak- probably my favorite ingredient in our PRE (this is both our stimulant and non stimulant based)! This ingredient is a derivative of citrus and has multiple studies that prove it’s effectiveness in increasing blood flow and the nitric oxide pump. The full studies can be found here

Citrus Bioflavonoids- another citrus derivative that has been proven in many third party studies and trials to increase blood flow (again, more blood flow to the muscle being worked = stronger output, less fatigue, more nutrients, less injuries, and better recovery).

Please note, it is most beneficial to consume PRE 15-20 minutes prior to your lifting session. As you can see from the above, these ingredients are geared towards weight lifting. We do not recommend PRE before a cardio-only gym session as many of the ingredients will simply go to waste. And this is coming from the owner of a company who could sell you this product and tell you to take it before cardio and sell twice a much product- but we aren’t about that over at Bowmar Nutrition!

As you can see from the above breakdown, caffeine plays a SMALL role in the overall benefits and intent of a good PRE formula. I personally prefer the non-stimulant base we offer over the stimulant base and I know thousands of our customers do as well! Please leave a comment if this blog helped!