One of my favorite things to do now as I continue to get older and my siblings and friends are living farther away….HOST!! This also means I need to have a killer guest bed room! I have been working on transforming my guest room each time a new guest comes over to stay!

It is always hard if you go to someone’s house and forget something that you need and you feel bad asking for it…so I tried to consider that also in changing up the guest room!

Here are some fun ideas to make your next guest feel even more welcome to stay and for them to feel more at home!

Bathroom toiletries- I purchased travel men’s items off of amazon as well as some burt’s bees items for our guests just in case they forgot anything while they come to stay with us! I also have two apothecary jars of cotton balls because you just never know!

Plugs- this is a huge one! I always find myself needing a plug but never having one in a convenient spot. Our guest room has this plug right by the bed for all the charging needs of our guests!

Snacks- this is so important to me to ensure my guests have some snacks in their room. It can sometimes be awkward to ask if you can raid the pantry at someone’s home so giving guests their own snacks is a great way to ensure they are snack happy while staying with you! I purchased a 40 piece snack box off Amazon for only $25!

WiFi password- no more spelling out your password for your guests- this little chalkboard makes it super easy to have your WiFi password ready to go as soon as they get to their room

Baskets can be found here!