One of my most requested topics / questions to ever flow through my social media: all about self tanner! I am sure everyone and their mother is aware by now how absolutely awful tanning salons are for you. We cancelled our tanning memberships almost 8 years ago today and I can safely say my skin looks years and years younger. That being said- I love being tan year round but we live in Iowa!

I have been using Rossa Self Tanning (my code is BOWMARFITNESS) since 2015 and have been working with them since 2016! It’s a product I truly believe in and stand behind. I have tried a ton of bad self tanners before and this one will make you believe in self tanner again if you have been personally victimized by other brands!


The night before I apply tanner, I will exfoliate and shave. The day I apply, I shower before and dry off completely. I do not add any product to the areas desired to be tan. My two personal favorite products are RAPID and the FOAM. I apply with the mit.

I wear loose clothing to bed once applied. Checkout my IGTV videos on Sarah Bowmar Instagram for visuals on how to apply (especially to the hands)! Josh does my back but I know some girls use long wooden kitchen spoons and place the mit over the spoon to reach their back.

You can tan your face if you want, I do not! We are outside enough during the week to get a little color to where I don’t need to add anything!

In the morning, I rinse off (do not use soap). Pat dry once out of the ¬†shower. this will help prevent the tan from streaking or ¬†fading unevenly. The color varies from person to person on how long it lasts (skin pH, showering, sweating, etc), I personally apply twice a week! I only apply the color to the areas that will be seen over the coming days. If I don’t plan on wearing shorts to the gym, I won’t use any product on my legs. This helps the bottle last much much longer!

This product smells amazing too which I know is a huge concern for many when it comes to self tanner. It also shouldn’t transfer to your clothes if you follow the above steps properly!