This time of year can be very stressful for a lot of families. Many people want to give but they may not know where to start! I wanted to list some of the ways that Josh and I have given back in our own communities over the last few years. I am hoping this will help spark an idea for you to give back in your community as well!

Idea 1: We have gifted 30+ turkeys to an entire classroom for Thanksgiving- this was a partnership through Bowmar Bowhunting and a local church in Columbus, OH! I would recommend connecting with local churches in your area to see if there is a need / way to donate to help the local congregation.

Idea 2: Josh and I donated several hundred pairs of socks to a local battered women’s shelter a few years ago. Simple items such as socks can go a long way for those seeking safety in shelters similar to this one.

Idea 3: Bowmar Nutrition has been an annual sponsor (three years in a row) of the 3rd and Goal holiday drive which is a non profit that provides essential holiday gifts to military veterans. To read more, visit: We have been able to gift dozens of veterans with winter coats, socks, etc!

Idea 4: Bowmar Nutrition annually donates tens of thousands of dollars in supplements to naval battle ships as well as army bases. We are hoping to have a donation option in the near future on our website to gift supplements to military bases and their families.

Idea 5: Bowmar Nutrition is also sponsoring a K9 to detect and assist in the arrest of child sex offenders. Donations and information can be found here:

Idea 6: I was running an errand a few weeks ago and noticed a homeless man on the side of the road. I decided to get him a gift card to Target as well as a hot cup of coffee. He was elated. I think gifts like this can go so much further than just money!

I hope this gives you some ideas on giving back in different ways this holiday season!