Botox- Let’s Normalize It!

Botox- Let’s Normalize It!

So many people seem so worried about botox, not because of the actual botox, but because of how they think people will perceive them knowing they got it done. The following information is based on questions I typically receive on my Sarah Bowmar Instagram whenever I post about getting botox.

I am here to tell you that there is nothing wrong with botox and it should start to be normalized! I have been getting botox since I was 25. I am now 31 and am  so glad I started when I did. Why do I do it?  To age gracefully.  I am all for modern medical  advancements to make me feel better  and look younger. When it  comes to your skin, yes hydration is important. Yes, dietary collagen is important. Yes, a high quality skin care regiment is important. You could do literally everything right and still want botox- and there is literally nothing wrong with that! My last nurse to inject me said it best- you can start whenever but if you start once the wrinkle lines are too deep- it’s a little too late. This is why preventative measures are so important! Again, you do not need botox to be beautiful. But if you want it to create more confidence in YOU- then do it!

There are obviously a set standard of questions everyone always asks me whenever I post about botox on Instagram. I also made a question box on Instagram and hope this blog covers the majority of questions! I also would  like to note that there are a lot of benefits to botox outside of wrinkles such as TMJ, migraines,  etc. I have never used botox for those purposes to I am not qualified to talk about them!

How Much Does It Cost?

This is going to vary based on where you live but as of December 2020, botox units are about $10-$15 per unit. Everyone needs different units in their problem areas. I personally only do my forehead and in between my eyebrows right now. Each botox session for me is about $350 and I go 4 times per year.  They also have reward programs to earn free botox units as well based on how much you spend per year.  Each facility will be able to assist in setting up an account with the  rewards program. Your injector will also recommend how many units for you!

How Often Do I Need It?

Again, this is going to vary person to person based on how quickly your body metabolizes it. I go every 14-ish weeks. You obviously cannot go while pregnant. The average duration of botox  is 3  –  4 months!

What If I Am Afraid Of Needles?

I was more terrified of my IV during child birth than actual birth if that gives you any indication on how much I despise needles. I also frequently pass out during blood drawings. That being said, I always tell the nurse or doctor ahead of time that I get light headed when it comes to needles so they lay the chair back a little more than normal (not flat) and every single person who has ever done my botox has been extremely gentle.

Tips / Tricks?

There are a few tips and tricks to help botox last longer! Do not train or sweat for 24 hours after injections. Engage the facial muscles for 30 minutes post injections- basically raise your eyebrows and then scowl. Do not lay down for 90 minutes after and avoid rubbing your face for 48 hours post injection. As always, wear sunscreen and limit direct sun exposure.

How Do I Find A Good Place To Go?

Word of mouth is obviously a great way to learn where the good places are but you want to make sure that the spa you are going to has nurses or nurse practitioners on staff for injections. I also have gotten botox at plastic surgeon’s offices.

What Happens If You Stop Botox?

Your muscles in your face simply go back to behaving how they did before you got botox. It does not make your skin “worse”  if you start and then stop.

For full transparency as well- the photos used on this blog post are 14 months without botox (as I was pregnant and then nursing). I hope this helped! I am not a medical professional so please do not take this as medical advice.

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