It seems every single day on social media I am seeing a GoFundMe for someone’s pet who needs life saving surgery that they cannot afford. My heart breaks for these pets and the pet owners. I am very grateful to have been introduced to pet insurance as soon as I rescued my first cat, Tom. What is pet insurance? It’s virtually the same thing as people insurance.

What to Look for

How does one find pet insurance? Easy! Ask your vet which carriers they accept. They will also probably have a preferred carrier that they can recommend to you as well. It is recommend to get pet insurance as soon as you can as they do not cover pre-existing conditions in animals, just like how you cannot get home insurance as your house is on fire.


The cost of pet insurance varies from pet to pet, cats are much less expensive than dogs. A working, active dog breed will be more expensive than a small dog breed. Age also comes into play with pet insurance. You can pay monthly or annually. I do also want to mention that you pay for routine visits and then submit for reimbursement. Luckily we have not had to submit for major surgeries but I do think the process for that is different than routine appointments. You can submit claims via the internet which makes it very convenient as well.


If your vet accepts it, we use VIP through Nationwide. I love that is is insurance through a national coverage insurance company and a very reputable brand with their other insurance offerings. They also offer three different plans with a variety of coverage to fit your budget! We are not affiliated in any way, simply happy customers!

I have been sitting at thee vet where a woman couldn’t pay for her animal’s medical bills and she sadly had to put him down on the spot. That horrific memory has made me such an advocate for pet insurance and I hope this blog sparks your interest to insure your pet if they are not already!