I am so excited to share this blog post with everyone! I have been wearing hair extensions since May 2018 and I absolutely love them! I get questions daily about them so I wanted to have an all encompassing post that you can reference to if you are interested in getting hair extensions!


Cost will vary based on amount of wefts needed, length of hair desired, color for blending, and other various treatments you wish to have (smoothing, de frizzing, etc). Where you live plays a huge role in this as well. For reference, I have 22 inch hair, 2 rows and a mini (which is 16 wefts of hair total), color, and get smoothing treatments. My install (which includes the hair aka the most expensive part) is $1800 with tip. This also includes a blow out and style. A full install takes about 7 hours.

The best way to get an estimate is to set up a consultation with the salon you are interested in!


Maintenance, again, depends on you! Move ups on the extensions are needed every 8-12 weeks depending on how often you are washing your hair and putting your hair up as this pulls the beads quicker. I personally can go 12 weeks in between move ups. All move ups include a blow out and style. On move up days that I do not need color,  price is about $400. On appointments I need color, price is about $500. A move up without color takes about 4 hours and a move up with color takes about 5 hours.

In between washes I use this oil to keep my hair healthy and the extension hair healthy as well.

Working Out

I lift 5-6 days a week and do cardio 3-5 days per week depending on my goals. I sweat a lot but on my scalp but blow drying in between the wefts make the world of a difference. I also will do crown washes where I wash the top of my head above the first weft if my scalp becomes too itchy. I also use two different dry shampoos, an aerosol on days I style my hair and a powder on days I do not.


My hair has never been healthier since getting extensions. I have to put so much less heat to my hair that it keeps it that much healthier. Damage usually occurs when the method used is not done properly or if someone is not certified that is installing extensions.

Different Methods

I have had two different methods done, NBR from May 2018 to June 2019 and then IBE since then. I personally prefer the IBE method as it is smoother, less headaches after install, and easier to sleep on!

What to Look for in a Salon

Finding a salon is the hardest part when it comes to extensions. You need to find a salon with stylists who are not only great at color and styling but also amazing at extension installs. How do you find one? Go the method’s website you want to have installed (I would recommend IBE) and they have a salon locator on their website. Ask for the legit certifications- they should be on the wall on display.

I also recommend looking at their instagram and reaching out to the clients they are posting for their recommendations. You also should ask where they are sourcing the hair from and if the wefts are hand tied or machine tied. I have hand tied covet and mane hair. Other brands my salon recommends are salt strands and JZ styles. The hair itself, as mentioned above, is the most expensive cost. Hair should last about a year if you are taking great care of it (if it’s dark). Blonde hair lasts about 6-9 months (again, when colored and cared for properly).


Extensions aren’t just for length. Many women get them for volume and fullness and short hair women get them often!

I highly recommend thick hair bands if you are wanting to put your extensions in a pony tail or bun.

I truly hope this blog post helped! I know when I first started doing research on salons in my area, I was completely overwhelmed and am so grateful to have found the salon I go to! If you are in the central Iowa area, I highly recommend checking out my salon: Virago!