I am so excited to be reviewing Arrow’s GPS collar! Before I get too deep into this post, I want to mention that I am a full paying customer with 0 affiliation. I have a referral code at the end of this blog and it earns you a free color band but it is the same referral that literally anyone can sign up for!

The Back Story

Arrow is a Belgian Malinois / German Shepherd mix. She is a protector, an amazing family dog, and an animal that needs constant mental and physical stimulation. I am a worry wart and would freak out if she was outside by herself. She has never ran on to the road, she has never ran away, but I still was never ok with her being in the backyard by herself. Which means the only outside time she got was if one of us was outside with her. She loves to run and be outside and I quickly realized with a new baby on the way, this wasn’t fair to the dog. So I started doing my research on collars to keep track of her! I stumbled across Fi and that leads us to the blog.

The Collar and the App

We have been using the collar for about two months now! I love how many color options there are with this color- we have the yellow but you can easily switch the colors out! They offer many different sizes for your dog as well and the size guide on the website is very helpful. It charges quickly and Arrow wears it 24/7 and I charge it once a week at night.

Once you receive the collar and your base, you have the option to use it with or without the GPS services. If you use it without, it will still track your dog’s activity level. If you want the collar for the purpose of knowing where the animal is, you need thee GPS subscription. Once you have thee base plugged in, you download the app to get everything connected to one another. You can then set the dog’s “home” base which means if they leave that area (no shock collar or sound), you will be notified they have “left home” without an owner.

You can set multiple people on the app as owners or dog walkers- which is great if you have anyone pet sitting or walking your dog. You can slo purchase multiple bases if you have multiple properties for the dog to run on that you want to see ensure they are staying where they need to be.

The step tracker is great and you can change the goal based on the breed. The only thing I do not like about the tracker is the mileage counter as it doesn’t count steps as distance, it only counts distance as physical distance. For example, if Arrow took 65 laps around the house, it would show 0 miles because she didn’t “go” anywhere. The other features of the app that we actually have the company disable for us is the social aspect. You can follow other dogs and compete against them for steps but it shows your dogs name, photo, and city you live in. This is not a feature we needed so customer service removed it from our app for our own safety.

The collar is very responsive if Arrow goes out of her “home” zone. You are notified immediately which is such amazing piece of mind. Great battery life, sleek collar design, easy to set up! Overall this is a product I think every dog owner should have!

Referral Info

Use my code M2845F when you buy a Fi Collar and get an extra band free with your order!