I am very particular when it comes to my leggings, there is no denying that. Am I ok with paying a premium for my leggings. However, when it comes to sports bras, I really look for the least expensive option out there (as they are always under my shirts / crops / tanks) so why spend a premium for something you don’t even see?

A few weeks ago I ordered four different brands of sports bras off of Amazon! I have been wearing them the last few weeks in order to give my most honest reviews on them. For reference, I am 5’3 and 135lbs, I also have saline implants and my bra size is 34DDD. I ordered a small in all of the bras mentioned- I know this may seem strange given my bra size but implant sizing is so different than natural breast tissue!

High Impact / Support

I typically don’t buy high impact bras because my implants don’t move and I don’t do a ton of movements that would require the extra support (sprints, jumping jacks, etc). The bra that I ordered was definitely way too much support for someone with implants as they almost were in my throat BUT I think this would be a great option for someone without implants who needs the added support! It was a very comfortable bra and I love the fabric!

Medium Impact / Support

I love this bra because it is long enough to be worn as a crop top! So it’s a two in one in my mind. The color was beautiful and the bra itself was very smooth and flattering. The unique design on the back is something I have never seen before and I received a ton of compliments at the gym when I wore it!

Low Impact / Support

I ordered two different low impact bra sets because that is what I gravitate towards needing!

3 pack v-neck (as shown in photo): My favorite of all of the bras I ordered, very little support and removable padding. I absolutely love that neutral colors and for $19 you get 3 bras! Great for under crop tops and tanks!

3 pack square neck- I think these are my least favorite simply because the straps are way too long for me. That being said, for $12 and 3 bras- it’s hard to beat! I still wear them under sweatshirts but the straps were an deal breaker for me. They may work some!