I am all about convenience and services that can make my life simpler. I started getting laser hair removal in 2012 on my underarms. I remember the day because it was my first big girl investment into myself!

For the record, I’ve been a paying client and do not work with any of these companies. Simply sharing my personal testimony.

My underarms took about 10 sessions to be fully hair free and spanned the course of late 2012 to early 2014. Since then, I’ve only had to do 3 touch up appointments. I went to ideal image in Columbus (Easton). The price for my underarms at the time was $950 and this included all sessions. Maintenance sessions are $50 for life.

Today, I started the Brazilian process for the lady parts. When I was pregnant, I couldn’t reach / see the area towards the end and I certainly wasn’t going to trust josh to shave me so I decided to begin the hair removal process today.

I started going to Milan as there aren’t any Ideal image locations in Iowa. Laser hair removal, for me, is quite painless but everyone’s pain tolerance is different . Here’s a video on the process: https://milanlaser.com/process/

The most important aspects to laser hair removal: the area must be shaven the day of the appointment, you cannot be tan in the area (either by the sun or self tanner), and the area must be free of product. My first appointment was less than 20 minutes and will be able the same length each time. I have appointments scheduled 5 weeks apart and my results are guaranteed for life. The cost of the full area was $2200. I did pay in full which earned me a 5% discount but they do offer 24 and 36 month 0% financing!

To never have to worry about shaving my armpits has been such a freeing feeling over the last six years so I am very excited to never have to worry about the Brazilian area either. On top of that, no more bumps and no more razor burn! I would totally get my legs and arms next but the hair is blonde so I unfortunately cannot. Again, very minimal pain, quick appointments, and never having to shave again!