Hi everyone!! I am so excited to share this fun, adorable Bowmar family favorite! Growing up, we always had cheese balls at family holidays, so this recipe was a unique spin on something I have always enjoyed! This is a relatively simple recipe with few ingredients, but amazing flavor. I will post the ingredients and directions below!


  • 3 oz garlic and herb cream cheese
  • 10 Cheez-it crackers
  • 5 Ritz crackers
  • 1/3 cup of shredded cheddar cheese
  • Celery (for garnish)
  • Parsley (for garnish)


  • Allow cream cheese to soften
  • Beat cream cheese with mixer until smooth
  • Mix in shredded cheese
  • Roll up 5 balls of cheese, flattening the top to create a pumpkin shape
  • Place in fridge for 30 minutes to harden
  • Crush Cheez-its in a bowl
  • Roll the balls in the Cheez-It dust
  • Cut small slices of celery and place in the center of each cheese ball
  • Pull off a parsley leaf and place next to celery on top of each cheese ball
  • Place each cheese ball on top of a Ritz cracker and enjoy!
  • This recipe makes roughly 5 mini cheese balls; however, if you wanted less cheese ball on each cracker, then you could definitely make smaller cheese balls and put them on more crackers…and as always you can double or triple this recipe, depending on how many people you’re making this for!