Hey, Sarah Bowmar here! Recently there has been a lot of confusion over the difference between powdered and liquid collagen so I wanted to give you a quick rundown. This can be found in a video form on my IGTV if you learn better that way.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is an animal bi-product that can be made from the skin, hide, hooves, bones, or anything that isn’t technically a meat product can be converted into collagen. There are many different types of collagen; some examples include bovine collagen (Bowmar Nutrition uses), chicken collagen, marine collagen, and seashell collagen. There is no such thing as vegan collagen. \

Process for Making Collagen

The process for making collagen is to take the animal product, grind into a powder, clean it and make it bio-available for your body. There is no process where the animal product would be converted straight into a liquid.

3 Ways to Consume Collagen

  1. Pill Form – not recommended because you would have to consume upwards of 30 pills a day to get the clinically dosed amount of collagen
  2. Powder – taken via “dry scooping” (very few people do this, only a couple of our customers have attempted this as a joke)
  3. Liquid – this can be bought this way or you can take your powder and mix it with water

False Advertising for Liquid Collagen

Many companies and influencers are claiming that liquid collagen is more bio-available and that your body can absorb more of it ranging from 60-98%. One issue with this is that they aren’t saying what they are comparing it to that it “absorbs more” than. There is no scientific evidence that backs these claims. Also, the actual clinical dose for collagen from the NCBI (May 11, 2019) is 15 grams for a 150-pound person. Comparing the liquid collagen to Bowmar Nutrition collagen, you will find that company X has 4g in a serving (in a blend so probably more than 3g) vs ours at 20g per serving. Price per serving (them) $70/30= $2.33. Price per serving (us) $41.99/30= $1.40. OR price per gram
30 x 4 = 120, $70/120 = $0.58 (them). 30 x 20= 600, $41.99/600= $0.07 (us). If you want to try to get the 15g of clinically dosed collagen in liquid form, it would cost you $8.70 from the liquid collagen brand or $1.05 of ours.

I wanted to inform you all of this because these companies’ marketing seems very predatory to me, which isn’t okay to me. There is no science behind these claims that I have found. Please be educated consumers so these companies don’t take advantage of you!