The second half of our Hawaii trip was spent on Maui! We did have our 6.5 month old with us so everything listed below, was baby friendly! I also have several other blogs pertaining to this trip that I will link at the end of the blog (flight, Oahu, and outfits)!

Day 1

We landed in Maui at around 11am, went through the covid screening, got our rental car, and decided to hike the bamboo forest as the airport was in between the hike and the hotel. We decided against doing the Road to Hana as Josh gets car sick and we didn’t want to keep the baby in the car for almost an entire day. Luckily, the drive from the airport to the bamboo forest was on the Road to Hana so we got to experience the perfect amount of it. There are 2 bamboo forests, one is by the 7 Sacred Ponds and the other is on the north side of the island (way closer to the airport). It starts at mile marker 6.5 on Hana Highway. You will pass the cutest little food truck on the left side of the road that makes the BEST pineapple bread.

The bamboo hike was incredible, Oakley fell asleep (very on brand), at the first waterfall. We were the only ones there so I sat in the shade while Josh was cliff jumping. We decided continuing on the hike was too difficult with baby (as there are ladders to climb), that we did not feel safe doing. The hike took about 3 hours and it was the perfect amount of time. The wind when you were inside the bamboo was one of the most beautiful sounds I ever heard.

We ate at a golf course inside the Cafe Olei on the way to the hotel- amazing food and beautiful mountain views if you sit outside (highly recommend). On the way to our hotel, we saw a ton of whales which got us so excited to go whale watching the next morning!

Day 2

I wanted to do the whale watching early in our trip in case we had bad weather and needed to reschedule or if we wanted to do it again. I typically book excursions through Trip Advisor and the tour we went with was on a large boat (not the raft ones), as I needed a charter that would allow babies on board. We saw so many whales and it was an amazing 2.5 hour excursion. We left out of Lahiana harbor and did the 9am tour so we could have lunch directly after. Oakley, again, fell asleep the majority of the time spent on the boat.

The harbor is situated in the cutest little boardwalk with a ton of shops and food. We walked to lunch at Down the Hatch and enjoyed shave ice at Breakwall.

The weather started to look like it was going to rain so we headed to the Aquarium (which we had planned to do the day before). Oakley loves fish tanks so it was very important to us to take her there- and who knew it was ranked as a top 10 aquarium in the US! Reservations were required and limited tickets were being sold which actually made it extremely nice as hardly anyone was there. We were able to sit in front of the shark tank and Oakley had the best time!

We didn’t get finished with the day until about 4pm and I was able to make reservations at Lahiana Fish Co and we were able to sit right on the water (where the blog cover photo was taken). I would say this was our favorite place to eat on Maui! I highly recommend trying to make reservations here if you can for dinner and make a request to sit on the water.

Day 3

Our last full day on the island started off shopping at Whalers Village¬†and lunch at Leilani’s On the Beach. After lunch, we took Oakley to the beach for about an hour before it started to rain. We also planned to walk to dinner that night which ended up being a lovely 2 mile walk down a paved road on the beach down to Maui Ocean Tavern.

Day 4

Our last day in Maui (our flight out was at 7pm) was jam packed! We started with an hour long helicopter ride. We took off right by the airport so we knew we weren’t going back to the hotel. We had a full day planned in the center of the island with the helicopter ride being first. Oakley, per usual, fell asleep the entire time. It was such a beautiful way to see the island and we could even see whales for the helicopter. We ate breakfast at Paia Bay Coffee Bar. It was a little hidden cafe, all outside, that had amazing food and the best golden milk latte I have ever had.

After breakfast we went out to IAO and spent a few hours there exploring and taking a ton of photos! After we left, we stopped by Baked on Maui to grab a few tasty treats before heading to the airport and saying “see ya later” to Hawaii.

I hope this blog helps plan your next trip to Hawaii!


Marriot Maui Oceans Club in Kaanapali 

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