A lot of people ask how we manage all that we do! If you aren’t familiar, my husband and I own and operate a dozen different companies in several different industries. Yes, we have an amazing team behind us but it takes an enormous amount of organization, planning, and scheduling to stay on top of everything that we do.

I posted a new blog a few days ago that I think everyone reading this blog post could benefit from, and it’s called Time Chunking.

If you are anything like me, you probably have 100 different tabs open in your head at all times. I have even more open now that I am a mother to an almost 6 month old. Believe me when I say- the tools listed below have been a life saver for me and my mental sanity!

Additionally, here is my most recent post on time chunking

Favorite Products

2021 has brought on a whole new level of organizing for me. I no longer keep things in my head and my planner comes with me everywhere I go. I am constantly writing down ideas, appointments, things I need to remember, etc!

I am actually obsessed with high quality, multi colored pens and these are the best ones I have found. Each color means something different in my planner and it helps me visualize my day so much better than just a single color pen!

I refused to buy into the Alexa hype for years and now I am kicking myself for it. Being able to have Alexa write a note on my phone, set a timer, etc has been an absolute lifesaver when it comes to staying in the “chunk” of whatever I am working on. I also thought they were like $300. Turns out, the echo dot is less than $40!

We all know the 2pm slump. You don’t want more coffee but you just need to focus and recharge for the rest of the work day. Look no further than our nootropic- SHARP! If you would like an extensive breakdown of the product, I have it linked here!

And there you have it! My top 4 products to remaining productive in 2021!