Friends!! Hello! Happy small business saturday with Sarah Bowmar! This week we are focusing on spring cleaning! This bright, warmer weather has given me new life. Anyone else getting the itch to be outside and also clean and rearrange their entire house? Because SAME! These cute finds from small businesses would be super fun and helpful this year whenever your spring cleaning begins! Happy shopping and remember to shop small!

Spring Cleaning checklist–This little checklist would be super helpful especially if your house feels so chaotic that you don’t know where to begin. It is a virtual download so you can buy it, print it and get started!

Natural cleaning set–This natural cleaning set comes with all sorts of brushes and supplies to really get you started when it comes to a deep clean of the house!

All purpose cleaner–This is a nice alternative to other store bought cleaners because they have awesome scents, but you are also supporting a small business! It is a win, win!

Rustic woven baskets–But first, ORGANIZE! Organizing your home and making it so that everything has a place it belongs is so helpful and makes it really easy to find what you need!

Toilet bombs toilet cleaner–These are so fun and I would be so intrigued to try them! You literally just pop the toilet bomb in to the toilet, it fizzes and cleans and then you flush! And they have fun scents, not the normal “clean toilet” scented product.

Spring cleaning mug–This mug just made me laugh and it would be literally perfect for those of you who are anti- spring cleaners and/or you hate cleaning but you do it anyways! Coffee break time with this hilarious mug that says “Spring cleaning hack, don’t do it”! So funny!

Clear glass canisters with lids–These beautiful containers would be perfect for organizing items in a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc! They are very versatile and come in all different shapes and sizes!

Washable swiffer pads–I thought these were super great and would help reduce the waste we produce! These reuseable swiffer pads come in all sorts of patterns and they are super cute!