Hi friends!! Welcome to this week’s Small Business Saturday with Sarah Bowmar! Today we are going to focus on blankets! Yay, so fun! Every room and home needs a good set of blankets. And blankets come in all different sizes and styles to meet the need! I have compiled this list of blankets and I tried to include a wide variety of sizes and shapes and styles! I hope you enjoy! Remember to shop small!

Thick knitted large blanket–This blanket looks SO cozy and so big! No blanket hogging fears with this one! It is also very aesthetically pleasing!

Green textured throw blanket–I really think this throw blanket is so cute! I really like how it looks and the fringes that come off of it!

Personalized baby blanket–This personalized baby blanket has my heart melting! It is so cute and I love that it is customizable!

Personalized love letter blanket–This is a tear jerker. You can send in a letter to this company and they embroider it into a blanket! This would be perfect for your significant other, parents, children, etc. This would be such an amazing gift!

Heavy queen sized patterned throw blanket–This is a weighted blanket and it fits a queen size bed! I think this pattern is super cute and most weighted blanket just come in plain colors!

Striped throw blanket–I really like this striped throw blanket and feel like it adds great decor to any room!

Couple‚Äôs split blanket–This is such a hilarious and creative idea! I love this because there is definitely a blanket hog in every relationship and couple’s always disagree on keeping the blankets on or off during the night! This is so creative.

Hopscotch milestone swaddle baby blanket–This is an adorable idea for milestone birthdays for your infant! I think this is literally perfect for either gender!