sarah bowmar target tuesday

Hi friends!! This is Sarah Bowmar and this week’s Target Tuesday is all about Valentine’s Day! This post is a combination of gifts for others or just nice things for you to have to help you celebrate. Happy shopping y’all! Also, if you already have all of your Valentine’s supplies for this year, make sure to check out the sale items in Target stores on February 15th for next year!

Mini heart waffle maker— I mean this is so cute, right?! And only $10? Sign me up! I think this is adorable and just an easy, nice touch if you and your significant other wanted to do breakfast in bed or a late brunch at home! And it is super easy to reuse this on an every day basis or for bridal showers, baby showers, etc! So fun!

Burt’s Bee’s Chapstick “Bee-Mine”–I love me some chapstick! Who doesn’t! This pack is cute and Valentine’s Day themed! I thought this would be a good gift for a teenager because it is useful without being too cheesy!

Mugs–These are so cute! You guys know I have so many mugs, but who can resist all of the cute themes!

Sherpa robe–Guys. This robe looks so soft and cozy! I am always cold, so I could easily see myself bundling up with a cup of Bowmar Nutrition Protein Hot Chocolate and watching a movie with Josh in this! It could be fun to get his and hers robes as well!

25 oz candle–This candle is huge and has multiple wicks, so I am sure it would make the whole house smell good! I love coming home to Josh having a candle lit. For some reason it makes the house feel homier and cozier!

Beard Oil–If your guy has a beard, I am sure this would be a perfect and inexpensive gift for him! It smells SO good and serves a purpose!! A win, win for everyone!

Turn table record player–Nothing says romance like a little dance in the living room with your record player going, right?! Seems like something from the movies! I thought this one from Target was relatively inexpensive, but seems high quality! And it is really cute!

Happy shopping y’all! Have a great day!