sarah bowmar target tuesday

Hi friends!! Sarah Bowmar here just dropping in on this Tuesday afternoon to share Target Tuesday cleaning supplies addition!! A fresh and clean home is so important to me. With all of the animals and a baby, and, let’s face it, Josh–there is always a mess to clean up! These supplies I am sharing seem like they would make your life easier and they are on sale! Can’t beat that! Happy shopping!!

Roomba with dirt disposal and wifi–This seems so awesome! This wireless vacuum connects to your phone and it will clean your house FOR YOU! I feel like adulting is mostly just constantly cleaning your house. Seriously the cleaning never stops so this would be so nice! Hopefully Arrow wouldn’t try and chase it!

iRobot mop–Again WIRELESS mop!! Hands free-no work for me?! Sign me up for that! Send your wireless vacuum first and then follow it up with this mop! How nice and easy!

Steam mop–This seems like a super nice and high quality steam mop for those who need one! And it is on sale right now!

Shark lift away upright vacuum— If you are looking for just a standard, high quality vacuum then this meets that need! Having a nice vacuum makes your life easier.

Swiffer wet jet for wood floors–It took me so long to find out that swiffer has a wood floor version!! This is so nice and won’t damage any of your floors!

Swiffer duster–This swiffer duster is extendable and heavy duty! It comes with a few extra brushes as well which I thought was nice!! This will extend to reach all of the hard places in your home (especially if you have taller ceilings with high shelves!

Mrs. Meyer’s multi surface cleaning spray–This spray comes in many different scents and they all smell SO good!! The scent also lasts longer than just 2 seconds which is so nice!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Target Tuesday! Let me know if you have any questions! Get these items fast while they are on sale! Don’t forget that they are linked here in the blog! Click these links to go straight to where I found them on Target’s website!