sarah bowmar target tuesday shoe sale

Hi all!! I am pumped about this weeks Target Tuesday because as you all know: Sarah Bowmar loves shoes!! This shoe sale from Target is awesome! Everything is at a minimum 20% off right now, so get these shoes while you can! A girl can never have too many shoes! Have fun shopping y’all!

Black 2.5 inch block heel— These heels are really affordable and super cute! They would go with anything and there are a wide variety of colors available!

Black wedge booties— I really like these booties!! They would be perfect for me because I am so short and Josh is so tall! These are a great winter boot and they are super cute.

Blue ballet flats— I like these light blue ballet flats a lot because if you work an office job it is so hard to find cute shoes that meet all of the office job requirements! I thought these were perfect for that and super fun! There are also an abundance of color options.

Grey high top sneakers— I really like these sneakers! They could be casual or you could wear them with jeans and dress them up a little bit! I thought these were super fun though and a good option to have besides just normal tennis shoes.

Cheetah platform sandals— I think these sandals are so awesome! They have a bunch of different colors if cheetah print is not your thing but I thought these were adorable!

Camo slide on sneakers— You guys know how I love my camo so this shoe made me so excited!! I called it a sneaker but they are honestly just super cute slide on shoes!¬†

Heeled hiking boots— These boots are so awesome!! They are a perfect blend of cute but also a little bit outdoorsy! You could wear them to go out with friends or just to run errands and feel awesome! Probably not good for any actual hiking though, get yourself some sturdier boots without a heel for that sort of thing!!

Thank you so much for reading this weeks Target Tuesday! Have a great week and do some shopping!