sarah bowmar target tuesday

Hi guys!! It is Sarah Bowmar here for another Target Tuesday! So I know this cold weather has some of us feeling down, so I thought it would be fun to prepare a “beach bag” for Target Tuesday! I am so excited for warm weather and I figured this would be good to get out there before Spring Break and all the things! This includes a beach bag, and what I would throw into my beach bag/just additional beach related items! I hope everyone gets to take a vacation soon and get outdoors! Happy shopping!

Striped linen beach towel–This towel is definitely a beautiful linen perfect for an aesthetic trip to the beach! It comes in a bunch of different colors and it looks lightweight and fancy!

Wicker beach tote–This wicker tote is so cute and looks like it would be sturdy enough to stay standing up in the sand! Also it looks large enough to hold all the things!

Beach Cover up–This beach cover up is so cute and nice! It comes in blue and white so it would go perfectly with any color swim suit.

Cactus Green bikini top–This is such a fun color for a swim suit and it would be flattering on any skin tone! It is a deep V tie bikini top!

Cactus green ruffle bikini bottoms–These bikini bottoms are super cute! I love the ruffles around the edges and I feel like it is a nice touch to add!

Ray-Ban Sunglasses–These sun glasses are super nice and I love the style of this particular pair!¬†

Sunscreen 30 SPF–I know many of you need a higher level of sunscreen than 30 and many of you use tanning oil. We have a broad spectrum of skin tones so I thought I would post this one since it is right in the middle!