Guys!! These vases that I found when searching for Sarah Bowmar Small Business Saturday are to die for!! Literally I found the best things and it took so much self control to not just order them all right then and there!! Please enjoy all of these unique vases that I found and always remember to shop small! It might not always be the most convenient, but remember that when you shop small, you are supporting a family or an individual and it feels much more personal than supporting a corporation. Have fun shopping!

White Rustic Matte Vase–These vases come in a variety of shapes and sizes! They are all white matte vases so they literally would go with anything and could be displayed in any room!

Concrete/Cement Vase–I really like these vases! They are wide mouth vases so they can hold a lot of flowers! So fun! They are made with concrete/cement and come in a variety of sizes and colors!

Origami Cream Colored Vase— This vase is so unique and beautiful! It would not hold many flowers, but could be perfect to fill with dried flowers or eucalyptus and just leave on display in your living room or kitchen!

Grey tinted ribbed glass vase–These glass vases are STUNNING! They are unique and beautiful and there is a tall version or short version of the vase with the same pattern.¬†

Ombre vases–I really love these vases. These are absolutely beautiful! I would fill them with dried flowers or fake eucalyptus or pampas grass and leave them on display!

Gold colored oval shaped vase— This vase is super pretty and would add color and a bit of fun to any room! It is a bright and vibrant.

Personalized champagne glass vase— I really think that this vase is absolutely gorgeous. You could personalized this to make it your wedding date and add any other information! I think this is so pretty!

Personalized geometric vase— This is also a customizable vase option! You can add your initials and the date you were married or really anything!