sarah bowmar small business saturday

Hey everyone!! Thank you for joining me, Sarah Bowmar, this weekend for small business Saturday bathroom decor edition!! These little finds were so fun and unique! I wanted to order them all right away! Each of the items I picked out would add a little something unique and practical to your bathroom decor! Let the fun begin!!

Floating wood shelves–These gorgeous wooden shelves look so good! They fit a modern or antique style bathroom! They are both practical and a cute decoration so what more could you want!

Print of 3 bears in a bathtub–I thought this print was adorable!! You would need to frame the photo according to what style your bathroom is! I feel like this would be perfect in an adult or child’s bathroom!

Fake plant–Everyone needs more fake plants in their life. I mean, who has time to keep all of the real plants alive?! I really thought this was beautiful and would be an easy addition to any style bathroom!

Towel display–This was a very unique towel rack! I love the stained wood look. This is practical but also beautiful! I feel like I always have more towels than I know what to do with, so this would be super nice to have in mine and Josh’s bathroom or any of our guest rooms!

Jewelry dish–This jewelry dish is so gorgeous and also customizable!! This would be so nice to have in your bathroom because it is so hard on diamonds and rings in general to be washed each time we wash our hands! Such a beautiful, yet practical addition to the bathroom.

Soap and lotion dispenser–I felt like these were a genius idea!! I love that the labels are still so aesthetically pleasing! This way, you don’t have to memorize which is which (or confuse your guests) and they still get such cute containers!

Dried flower candles— I LOVE these candles! They are surrounded by dried flowers and there are four candles. One candle for each season and the corresponding flowers on the candles relate to each season! So unique and beautiful!

Hair care holder wall decor–This is so awesome! Every woman reading this is like “YES!” With a blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron, etc. our counters can get flooded with all of these things! I thought this wall decor was so cute and would genuinely be really useful to get all of the unnecessary items off of the counter!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Small Business Saturday!! Thank you so much for your support on this blog, it means so much!