sarah bowmar target tuesday kitchen sale

Hello friends! It is time again for another Target Tuesday! The Bowmar Family loves a good sale so when I saw this “all things kitchen” sale I knew I needed to share!! And it is for this week only so be sure to get these items fast!

2 gallon textured beverage dispenser 50% off— This beautiful drink dispenser is perfect for hosting parties or showers! It is really inexpensive right now so get it while you can because this makes a great addition to any home when you are hosting friends!

5 mixing bowls with lids 50% off— These bowls are so cute and so practical! Everyone needs cute mixing bowls in their life and bonus points because they have lids!! These were too fun to not share!

Keurig K-Classic 40% off— Josh and I love our Keurig and we use it all the time to make coffee or tea or hot water for our Bowmar Nutrition Protein Hot Chocolate! This specific Keurig is nice 1) because it is on sale and 2) because you don’t have to refill the water canister every time you want to use it! Super convenient and easy!

30 piece kitchen utensil set 50% off–This kitchen utensil set has everything you need to start or revamp your kitchen supplies! From chip clips, to measuring cups, to spatulas and spoons–this has what you need!

Vintage Retro microwave 13% off— I thought this microwave looked like such a good deal and it is also adorable! I love the aesthetic it brings!! Super cute and high quality! Also, like I said, it is on sale!! YAY!

Power XL air fryer 40% off–Air fryers are becoming the next new thing and there are so many Pinterest recipes for air fryer everything!! This air fryer looks super nice and at 40% off it is a steal! If you’ve been on the fence about purchasing one, now is your chance!

7 qt Crock Pot 10% off— We all need a good crock pot in our lives because let’s face it: we are all too busy to make dinner every night. But the crock pot helps so much! I love recipes where you can just dump everything into the crock pot and forget about it for hours!

Happy sale shopping!!