sarah bowmar fake plants target tuesday

Hi all!! Sarah Bowmar here! Welcome to this week’s Target Tuesday about fake plants! I love doing these blogs because I love online shopping and Target so it is the perfect combination!

Fake eucalyptus stems— These would look perfect on a mantel or in a vase rather than needing to purchase real flowers every week to keep the greenery alive in the room!

Tropical palm plant-– This plant reminds me of vacation. And we could all use a vacation right now! It is a medium sized palm plant that would be perfect for a living room or bathroom.

Small to medium size plant— This is a super simple plant that is a great space filler! And it is relatively inexpensive.

Stand up snake plant— This is such a unique looking plant! It also reminds me of a tropical oasis and I LOVE it!! This would be an awesome living room or bedroom plant! It could also work in your kitchen.

Fern fern fern— Has anyone seen the movie “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days?” because anytime I see a fern, all I can think of is when she buys him their “love fern” and I cannot help but laugh! This fern is awesome because you could put it in so many different places! You can get your own pot for this because it is just a huge stem! You could put it in a hanging pot or just set it up on a shelf! The options are endless with this fern. And hopefully this will give you a good laugh!

Small eucalyptus plant— This is perfect for a bathroom or small shelf space!! It is small and relatively inexpensive and it adds so much to a room!

Dracaena plant in pot— This plant comes ready to go! It is perfect to fill a larger space and it comes in a cute pot! This would be great in a bedroom or living room or in the entryway to your home!

Hope this helps serve all of your fake plant needs! Thanks for tuning in on target tuesday!